Cocentaina Co-Crea

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Cocentaina Co-Crea is a program in which new business people learn how to create their own companies.

The teaching program of Cocentaina Co-Crea  is divided into three different sessions. In each session a group of experts and owners of successful companies share the secrets of their success

In the first session the entrepreneurs present their ideas and new business. Then a group of analyzers will provide suggestion and tips and how to improve their presentation. This will help the entrepreneurs to sell themselves better. In addition business analyst will give their opinion on the business and products. At the end of the first session attendees will receive a CAME graph to help them to proceed with their business venture

In the second session the attendees learn about funding for their projects and how to build the financial model for their projects. In the first half of the session the attendees discover the traditional and new methods for funding. In the second half they learn how to complete the   canvas lean model. This is a document which is need to assist with building business model and discovering ways to make money.

The third and last session the attendees are send to the test. They will present their projects to financial investors  in order to sell their ideas or find partners to work on their projects.

In conclusion the Co-Crea program is short but intensive. It helps the young business people to find success with their projects.

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